Noah’s Ark Wildlife is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit operating in Sandy Ridge, North Carolina. Prior to moving to North Carolina in 2007, Noah’s Ark Wildlife operated in Annapolis, Maryland for over 10 years.

We care for injured, ill, and orphaned wildlife. We do not handle domestic animals (dogs, cats, domestic ducks, domestic rabbits, domestic reptiles, etc).

Animals are accepted by appointment only… Medical emergencies and feeding schedules are our priority.

We are an all volunteer organization; no one gets paid. We work soley on donations. We are not funded by the county, state, or federal governments. We are committed to educating the public (especially our youth) on the importance of respecting wildlife. We provide support for our community during environmental emergencies that threaten wildlife and their habitats. We were the stars of a BBC National Geographic special in 1996. The BBC filmed our rescue of flying squirrels. We were the guests of Don Scott and Marty Bass on “Coffee With” in January, 1996. The Director and Vice President, NAWC, are certified by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC). They have also recieved advanced training from the internationally known Tri-State Bird Research, Inc. in Oiled Wildlife Rescue. In Maryland we cared for over 1,500 animals per year!

Please consider donating to support our ongoing mission!