In Memoriam

We are sad to say that we lost our volunteer of 32 years and board member Sharon “Sha” Emminizer on December 6, 2021 after a hard fought battle with cancer. She will be greatly missed by us and all animals. She was always there at a moment’s notice whenever help was needed whether it was with labor, supplies, or just friendship and emotional support. She was a shining example of true dedication to all animals.

Rest in peace Sha, you deserve it.

Sha, 2nd from the right, helps Noah’s Ark with oiled birds after a spill 25 years ago
“Auntie Sha” meets our daughter Delana for the first time
Sha spending time with Delana while at our center, helping out with feeding baby squirrels after Hurricane Florence in 2018
Sha resting after a long squirrel-feeding stint after Florence. She made sure to come to our center to help just days after we received 55 baby squirrels who needed to be fed around the clock!
She helped in all aspects of the center. Here she is shucking corn for the animals to eat!