Baby Season Pt.2

Despite our clinic being damaged, we have brought in a few new critters into our care. Many other rehabbers are closed or full but the animals still need help. So we are providing! It is baby season again so calls for baby squirrels are constant. We have 5 currently in our care. In addition, we have a box turtle, a cardinal, baby pigeon, and a puppy with a cleft palate. We still are taking donations via our PayPal, but we have also set up a GoFundMe ( to help fund our clinic repair. We desperately need to get that fixed so we can take more animals in. We are very limited in what we can care for until we get that back up and running. Please consider donating to help us stay afloat and help more of North Carolina’s wildlife!

One of five baby squirrels currently in our care.
This baby pigeon that needs our help!
This female cardinal was brought to us after being attacked by a dog.
This box turtle was found after being hit by a car.

Over the holiday weekend, we took in a newborn puppy with a cleft palate. While we have fostered puppies in the past, this case is even more special. Because of its cleft palate and very young age, it needs to have close care given to it. This means tube feedings every 2 hours around the clock and constant monitoring for its health. We will be tending to this little one for around 4 weeks. Our expert care was requested by several puppy rescues, as we often tube feed smaller wildlife babies like bunnies and opossums. This is definitely a unique case but we are glad to be able to help this little one grow!

A close up of the cleft palate on the newborn puppy
Tube feeding the puppy. This requires a lot of skill to do safely and properly, skills which we have a lot of practice with in other animals.

As said, we are still operating despite our clinic being damaged and unusable still. Our intake is very limited. We need your help through donations to help get the clinic fixed and to help provide care for our wildlife. Hurricane season is here so we are always on alert, as a major storm hitting our coast, or even venturing inland, can cause an influx of calls and need. We want to be able to provide that but we need our clinic fixed to do that! Please consider donating via our PayPal from this site, or the GoFundMe ( If you can’t donate, please consider sharing the GoFundMe with others to get the word out. Thanks so much for your support!