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Happy Fall, Y’all!

Fall is here and we are as busy as we’ve ever been. We have had our fair share of wildlife go through our doors in the last few months, in addition to a number of foster dogs! As the weather cools off, our operations do not. We are still taking in patients, and there are […]

Tree Service Helps Big Time

On May 26, 2023, we received a call about a baby squirrel that was in need of help. The person brought it to us for care. The next morning, another baby was crying from the nest and in distress. It eventually fell and was brought to us. Then, another baby was in the same predicament. […]

Earth Day, Today and Every Day!

This weekend is Earth Day, but we celebrate that everyday here at Noah’s Ark, taking care of earth’s fauna. We actually took in some baby opossums to celebrate this year. We have been busy, with baby season in full swing. It had an early start and its not slowing down anytime soon. Luckily, our clinic […]

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has arrived in full force here at Noah’s Ark! We had a very mild winter so the calls for baby animals started earlier than normal this year. We already have been tending to baby squirrels and bunnies galore, with no doubt more to come. We need your support to keep these babies fed and […]

Clinic Progress

 FINALLY some good news! Our clinic repair and addition projects are both moving along nicely and we hope to be ready to resume normal operations in time for the rapidly approaching spring baby season. Even though this work is almost done, we still need to continue our gofundme ( and other fundraising efforts to cover […]

Winter is on its way…

And we need your help! Donations are key right now, as work has begun on the clinic repairs and we have some animals that will need to be overwintered! We still have our GoFundMe active ( and you can also donate via our PayPal. Also, consider selecting us as your Amazon Smile charity or donate […]

The Wild and Exotic

We’ve had a few more patients come into our care in the last week. Some normal, and one not so normal! Over the weekend, we got a call from someone who had a strange creature hanging out in their yard. It had been spotted several times over the last 6 months but it wasn’t native. […]

Baby Season Pt.2

Despite our clinic being damaged, we have brought in a few new critters into our care. Many other rehabbers are closed or full but the animals still need help. So we are providing! It is baby season again so calls for baby squirrels are constant. We have 5 currently in our care. In addition, we […]

Clinic Damage

A couple of weeks ago, a tree fell and damaged our clinic. It fell down the center of the roof and caused significant damage. The entire roof needs to be replaced and the framing of the walls will need to be addressed. The wall was buckled out at the top near the roof-line through the […]

Its that time of year again…

Spring is here, which means its time for babies of all shapes and sizes! In addition to our regular cases, baby squirrels, birds, bunnies, and more are coming into our care for a variety of reasons. Donations from you help us keep these babies healthy and growing so they can be released into the wild!