Clinic Progress

 FINALLY some good news! Our clinic repair and addition projects are both moving along nicely and we hope to be ready to resume normal operations in time for the rapidly approaching spring baby season. Even though this work is almost done, we still need to continue our gofundme ( and other fundraising efforts to cover the high cost of finishing work and the care of all the patients we receive year round. Also, our large outdoor caging areas need major roof maintenance and repairs, and we have 2 more large outdoor units that need be set up as well. We need your support to make these things happen. 

The roof on the clinic had to be removed and repaired after the tree damage from last summer. Here it is being put back together!
We decided to double the size of our clinic as part of the repair project. It will give us more space and storage for the animals in our care.
The interior of the addition after construction.
We were fortunate to get assistance with windows and drywall for the addition. Sunlight is important for the animals that have to be kept indoors while they heal and grow!
The space is coming together! We use dry-erase board for a final wall covering for ease of cleaning and the ability to make notes about animals.
Rather than use space heaters and window A/C units, we installed a mini-split HVAC unit to help keep the temperature comfortable for the critters

These repairs and upgrades are still ongoing. We are still in need of donations to finish the addition to the clinic and to fund the care of the animals we have, and will be able to take in the future!

 We did get a great surprise in December. A $10,000.00 donation was made in memory of Ted’s dad, Teddey W Kitzmiller, by The Roto Rooter Group in Cincinnati, Ohio. Teddey was a dedicated 50 year + employee there (basically his entire working career). This wonderful gift has allowed us to replace and upgrade our HVAC system and make more clinic improvements than originally planned. Our deepest gratitude goes out to The Roto Rooter Group, especially CEO Mr. Spencer Lee for making this happen.

Over the winter, we have had a steady flow of patients including squirrels, owls, opossums, a chipmunk, and 2 cleft palate English Bulldog puppies. The puppy care is very intense and expensive. Also, we just released a mourning dove back to its home after being treated for head trauma.

This injured wren is looking forward to being back in the wild!
This opossum was injured and needed help to heal before being released.

The cleft palate puppies came to us just a few days before Christmas. We have named them Luna and Mona and they are growing, growing, growing! We are fostering them through the Save the Clefts Rescue. Please contact them if you are interested in adopting one or both of these sweet pups!

Luna and Mona say Happy Valentine’s Day!

Please keep us in mind when considering making donations. Our year round work never stops, and funding for day to day expenses is always a challenge to acquire.

We thank you for your continued support, and HAVE A WILD DAY!