Happy Fall, Y’all!

Fall is here and we are as busy as we’ve ever been. We have had our fair share of wildlife go through our doors in the last few months, in addition to a number of foster dogs! As the weather cools off, our operations do not. We are still taking in patients, and there are some local rehabbers unable to take some, resulting in more calls and more animals through our doors. Your donations are important all year round to help us care for our furry and feathered friends. Our GoFundMe is still active and you can donate there (https://gofund.me/fb30c12b) or through our PayPal (linked here http://www.noahsarkwildlife.org/donate/). Even $1 helps! Here is a glimpse into some of the critters we have had in our care lately.

This screech owl was hit by a car and needed our care to get back on its feet.
This hawk was found injured and brought to us for care.
We have had in influx of hawk and owl calls and these babies were part of those calls. They need some care to grow and be able to be released.
These young opossums are showing how big and scary they are! These little ones will be cared for until they are big enough to be released. Don’t worry, we aren’t afraid of those teeth!
This injured bluebird needed our help after it was attacked by a cat.
Another young opossum came through our doors needing our help. It is growing Another young opossum came through our doors needing our help. It is growing and exploring its current enclosure indoors before it moves to an outside cage.
This isn’t a mouse, its a baby flying squirrel! They need very special, careful care when they are this young. Your donations help us obtain the supplies we need to feed and care for fun species like this!
This juvenile squirrel is in his last indoor cage before moving to an outdoor cage to prepare for release.
This vulture was found acting sick. We suspect a case of bird flu. This disease is still affecting wild bird populations and needs to be treated carefully.
This warbler was injured when it hit a window.
This red-tailed hawk came to us with an injured wing.
This owl was hit by a car, which caused injuries which required medical care.

In addition to all of the wildlife, we have also continued to help out domestic animals as well! This little Boston Terrier puppy was born with a cleft palate and needed transport for the Save the Clefts rescue! We have fostered with them in the past and this one spent a night with us getting specialized care before moving on to his long-term foster.

We have also done some longer term fostering of several dogs. Most recently, we took in a mama dog and her 8 puppies that needed a foster home. 6 of her puppies have been adopted, but two of them and her are still looking for their forever homes! If you are interested in adopting any of them, contact us via email or the rescue Mayberry 4 Paws! https://mayberry4paws.com/adopt-from-m4p

This sweet girl is Tara. She is a mixed breed dog around 35-40 lbs. She seems to be a herding breed and doesn’t like cats. But she is very loving, smart, and playful!
This little lady is Bean! She is looking for her forever home!
This handsome little man is Blaze! Could you be his forever family?

As you can see, its been a busy few months, as usual. Luckily, we recently received a wonderful surprise! The Jack Family Foundation presented us with a $10,000 grant! Our greatest appreciation goes to Lauren and the entire foundation for this gift. In addition to this, Midsummer Brewing in Westfileld, NC is so generously hosting a chili cookoff to benefit Noah’s Ark! See their events page on their website (https://midsummerbrewing.com/) or their Facebook event for more information on how to participate or to attend (https://fb.me/e/1ptzHi9Mm). With these donations, our animals and our facility will be funded for several months, but we still need support from donations like yours to keep everything running smoothly into the future. Thank you all so much for your support!