Earth Day, Today and Every Day!

This weekend is Earth Day, but we celebrate that everyday here at Noah’s Ark, taking care of earth’s fauna. We actually took in some baby opossums to celebrate this year. We have been busy, with baby season in full swing. It had an early start and its not slowing down anytime soon. Luckily, our clinic is fully operational again and we had it expanded. The new addition is already filling up with supplies and critters! We are still in need of donations, both for our day-to-day operations, but also for continuing repairs and upkeep around the facility. We have 3 outdoor cages which need roof replacements, in order for them to be safe spaces for our animals to spend their time transitioning from indoors to their release sites. Every little bit helps!

Our clinic addition has already been filled with supplies and animals. We are so grateful that your donations could allow us to expand our facility and continue our mission.
Our clinic addition also allows us to have a larger exam station, for our injured patients. We now have more space to diagnose and treat before they are moved to a cage in the clinic!
These squirrels are taking residence in our clinic addition before they go outside to prepare for release.
These baby opossums came to us on Earth Day! They will be fed and cared for while they grow and can be released back into the wild.
This young mourning dove is recuperating after being attacked by a dog
Baby bunnies are regular patients of ours this time of year
This chipmunk came into our care late last year and had to be overwintered. Your donations kept food in his cage during the cold winter months! Now that the weather has warmed up, it will be released very soon!