Its that time of year again…

Spring is here, which means its time for babies of all shapes and sizes! In addition to our regular cases, baby squirrels, birds, bunnies, and more are coming into our care for a variety of reasons. Donations from you help us keep these babies healthy and growing so they can be released into the wild!

These tiny baby squirrels are only a day or so old!
These baby wrens fell into a container of motor oil and needed to be cleaned up.
This squirrel is about 4 or 5 weeks old, but looks much younger! This group of babies needed extra nutrition to grow.
This beautiful bird is a cedar waxwing. It needed some care after it hit a window.
This rabbit was attacked by a cat and needed our help. Your donations give us the ability to buy medical supplies to take care of the injured wildlife that comes into our care.
These tiny baby bunnies were brought to us after a kind person found them in their yard.
These young squirrels came to us late in the winter and are now ready to be released! Your donations make things like this possible!