COVID-19 Update

Due to coronavirus, many wildlife rehabilitators have closed their doors to limit social interaction. But we are open! We have had to change our admitting practices so that when taking in any new animals, we are practicing social distancing to protect everyone involved. Of course, this all means that we are getting many calls and have a variety of mouths to keep fed this spring. This also means more frequent trips to the grocery store for fresh produce and other food items. Any donation makes a big difference, especially in these uncertain times.

An example of our social distancing pickup!

Here is a look at some of the critters that are in our care!

This dove hit a window, but will be receiving care at the center.

These baby cottontail rabbits were attacked by cats. The little one is eating up some clover and they are both growing more before they can go back to the wild.

This screech owl was hit by a car and needed our care.

A storm knocked down a tree which put a limb through the roof of one of our sheds. We had to pay for the repair to keep cages and supplies stored. Your donations help fund everything from the day to day activities, to the unexpected costs such as this!

This little squirrel is one of several currently in our care, getting big enough to transition to an outdoor cage before release in several weeks. They need fresh produce daily, so our grocery trips are more frequent!

This group of baby opossums are enjoying snuggling in a donated knit nest! The mother was attacked by a dog and the babies were rescued.

This female cardinal hit a window and needed some care as a result.

This songbird needed our help, and we were happy to provide it!

This group of wrens was just dropped off!

North Carolina is now allowing for rehabilitation of rabies vector species (raccoons, skunks, and fox) with the proper qualifications. We have those and are expanding operations to be able to take in more of these animals, like these baby skunks! Donations will help us achieve our goal of helping more of North Carolina’s wildlife!

In addition to the wildlife, Ted, Velvet, and Delana began personally fostering this sweet pup named Oliver. He was found abandoned on the side of the Blue Ridge Parkway and needed a foster home who could provide some special care while he healed from wounds and malnourishment. They accepted but he is now a longer-term foster, as his transport to a rescue in Canada has been put on hold due to the coronavirus. He has put on weight, is healing well, and is a super sweet guy!