June Rehab Update

Many rehabbers are still closed, so we are continuing to have more animals brought into our care every single day! As the summer weather heats up, our needs increase as well. We are going to the grocery store more often for fresh produce. The AC units are running in our clinic areas to keep our critters comfy. Our foster dog Oliver is still in our care and we needed to build him a roof for shade. We now also have some patients who require more specialized foods. We need your donations to help continue to care for our furred and feathered friends! The summer months can be some of our busiest, and as a result, the most expensive! Check out a sample of what has come through our doors recently!

This opossum was attacked by a coyote and needed our help!

This beautiful bluebird hit a window and needed to get some TLC before he could go back into the wild.

This red-bellied woodpecker was hit by a car

The baby opossums are growing fast! Their dietary needs are changing as they grow, which means more trips to the store. Your donations will help us feed them the foods they need to get bigger, stronger, and ready to get back into the wild!

We are continuing to use social distancing practices with contact-less animal pick-ups. We want everyone to stay safe while caring for our local wildlife!

These baby robins were orphaned, and one had an injured leg. Here, they are getting some food soon after their arrival to our center!

This box turtle was injured by a large bird

This toad was attacked by an unknown predator. Our patients come in all shapes and sizes!

Its baby bird season, so we are seeing more cases like this. This baby cowbird was found in the road and needed our help, as its too young to be on its own!

These little baby bunnies came to us after a dog attacked their nest. They are getting warm in some fleece blankets. Your donations will allow us to get more blankets to help keep babies warm and cozy!

This special resident came to use after being found in a pool. This little wood duck has a very special diet of mealworms and fruit (pictured). When it gets older, it will also need to be fed fresh fish so it can learn to catch food in the wild. We need your donations so we can provide this diet to this little one as it grows. We also need to purchase mulch for a larger cage so we can house a pool for it to swim and get waterproof prior to release! It currently can swim in a small plastic tub, but that won’t last long!